Thursday, October 29, 2009

A landmark in tow

The design blogs are all agog about this new pop-up camper designed by Axel Enthoven.

And I must say the Opera fold-out trailer is nothing like the pop-ups I ever spent a cramped night inside.

Notice the Sydney Opera House inspiration? Let's see, hot and cold running water, a stove, an espresso bar no less. can give you the rest. That's where I first found it. But if you want to see a video (somewhat ethereal and idyllic), click here to go to the Opera Web site.

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L. Risor said...

Hi Karen, This looks like a very fun way to travel!!! I hope you and Kevin will join or (share your) facebook and join us over there too!!! I often tweet your fun posts!!! Hope this is one of your best years ever!hugz, Lynn