Monday, May 11, 2009

A movie slice

Anyone named Sarah or John Conner out there?

If you share the name of Terminator movie characters and have a government-issued I.D. to prove it, you can pick up a "Terminator Salvation" special -- a free medium one-topping pizza -- at participating Pizza Huts on May 21.

For those who don't know, May 21 is when "Terminator Salvation" will debut in theaters.

But Pizza Hut has five minutes of exclusive footage from the movie for fans who can't wait.

Visitors can view the footage from today through May 20. The special page also includes contests for prizes from a life-size Terminator T-600 model to video games and action figures.

You can also check out the movie trailers and download wallpapers.

The ad campaign is a promotional partnership between Pizza Hut and Warner Brothers.

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