Monday, April 6, 2009

The ultimate combo

OK, I'll join the bandwagon of people reporting that the Pizza Hut at 6019 S. Coulter St. will deliver Budweiser and Miller Lite six-packs with orders.

Yes, it's legal, under certain rules: Delivery drivers have to be 18, and the person receiving the delivery must be 21 and will have his ID checked.

But that's not as interesting as the fact that this Pizza Hut, here in Amarillo, is quite possibly the first in the state to deliver, according to Chris Fuller, a PR rep for the chain. (He's a Fritch native, by the way.)

How test markets are decided isn't something Fuller could reveal, for competitive reasons. But he did say that the franchise holder, Progressive Pizza Partners of McKinney, made the decision.

Oh, one more thing: Don't expect to Pizza Hut to deliver an instant beer bash. Orders are restricted to limited quantities.

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