Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Throw another hat on the Barbie

Barbie's many incarnations continue.

A week or so ago, Toys R Us ran a sale price on a Totally Stylin' Tattoo Barbie.

The edgy mini-Supermodel comes with sleeveless tanks and a machine kids can use to apply tattoo stickers.

Now, in time for the 135th Run for the Roses, Churchill Downs and Mattel have teamed up to create Kentucky Derby Barbie.

But she's not quite as edgy. No mint juleps in the accessories pouch.

Instead, she's got "a playful floral sundress, faux pearl necklace and sassy spring sandals. True to Kentucky Derby fashion, Barbie doll's look is topped off with a stylish, oversized white hat with blossoming flower accents."

Barbie enthusiasts and collectors have a chance to win a life-size replica of the hat that will be auctioned off for charity. Another 134 other replica hats will be available on a made-to-order basis at http://www.thederbystore.com/. And Kentucky Barbie will be on store shelves at Walmart and other retailers.
News reports said tattoo Barbie had a more controversial debut.

What do you think?

Are tattoos worse than shapely curves that can't be achieved in human proportions?

Did the same reaction occur, years ago, to her spike heels and miniskirts?

Is there a class war in doll land?

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