Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Building blocks and ideas

I share with you this Lego viral video and a lesson learned about blogging.

A magical journey to ideas, yes?

Inspiration seemed to abandon me for a while there. I got so bogged down in my journalistic pigeonhole in December and January that I forgot this blog offers me an ability to stretch beyond my usual responsibilities.

I let the blog go because it was the one thing I produce that I thought few would miss.

Becky W. pulled me back on Monday by posting, "Have you given up the blog?"

You know, you read all these social media tips that say blogging should be a conversation. ... I guess I thought I'd just been talking to myself here.

Now, I'm looking for magic Lego boxes overflowing with ideas.

What do you want to know about Amarillo, business, retail trends, the economy, city government?

C'mon. Post something. Let's talk.

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Becky W. said...

Hi, Karen. I tried to comment a few days ago and I guess it didn't go through. (Probably why more people don't comment).

I check the AGN blogs daily. I go to Jon Mark's (He is very talented and I'm glad he's not wasting those talents on the sports desk anymore), Bruce's (to see how he's doing and because he's also very talented) and yours, of course.

I do think they are a bit like a conversation - or a note from a buddy.

I'm interested in what's going on in Amarillo. I'm particularly interested in what's going on in businesses. My mom was a banker and always knew what was coming and going in my hometown. It seems she always had the inside track. It built a sense of curiosity for me, I guess.

I hate that the reporting staff is getting spread so thin that so much of our newspaper is stuff I already read on AOL. What I want to know, when I read the paper, is what's going on in Amarillo. I get the national and world news screamed at me from the homepage of AOL.

Welcome back!