Friday, May 15, 2009

Boo hoo

I'm sorry.

But I can't muster even a shred of sympathy for Kristy Hammonds.

Hammonds filmed co-worker Michael Seltzer sticking cheese up his nose and putting it on a pizza and sneezing into a sandwich in a Domino's Pizza kitchen in North Carolina. Then she posted the video on YouTube.

Don't bother looking for the video. Even if you could stomach it, you can't find it because it's been pulled from the site.

Anyway, the duo -- both in their early 30s -- got fired. They also got charged with felony food tampering. (No contaminated food ever left the store.)

Since then, Hammonds has done a couple of television interviews in which she's upset that she can't get another job. Other fast food companies have rejected her.

Imagine that.

What did she think would happen?

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