Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fork the Recession

That's the Colorado Restaurant Association's line for a campaign to urge people to help the economy recovery by eating out.

The ad campaign will run through May.

Once the one-liner gets people's attention, the messages explain about how many people in the state are employed by the restaurant industry, how much tax revenue restaurants raise and how many suppliers rely on the industry for their survival, according to this article in Media Post's Marketing Daily.

Every day, the news is full of stories about restaurants suffering because people are cutting back.

As I drive home in the evenings on I-40, I see parking lots that look full, especially on weekend nights. But maybe that's not the best indicator.

Maybe people are driving separately and meeting up, so not all tables are full.

What's your experience? Are you waiting for tables, or getting right in?

If, in fact, local restaurants could use a boost, maybe they should look to the Colorado Restaurant Association for ideas.

That slogan sure got my attention.


Abdul said...

I organize a social group for people who like to dine out.

We try to dine out about once a week.

I find that the places that do well have some kind of special that brings people in the door. For example, Buffalo Wild Wings - while not necessarily a local business - is packed Thursday evenings because they have a wing special.

I do like to support local businesses, but it would help if regular diners knew where to go for the good deals.


cindy said...

I ate at Chedder's most recently. We went at 11 a.m. and by the time we were finished, there was a line waiting to be seated. The time before that it was at Jorge's. So I think restaurants here aren't feeling quite the pinch other places are.

Karen Smith Welch said...

Abdul ... I'll try to get more dining deals info on the blog. Thanks for commenting. And keep me posted about what you're seeing out there.