Thursday, March 19, 2009

No kidding

From the world of polling comes this gem:
"Although half of Americans think the economy will bounce back to pre-recession levels, financial troubles have obviously impacted the American consumer psyche," according to BIGresearch President and CEO Gary Drenik.
Again, no kidding.
I'd rather clutch a dollar than spend it right now. How about you?
The poll released Tuesday showed almost 91 percent of consumers said the current economic crisis will "impact their lifestyle in some fashion over the next five years."
More than 43 percent said they would not incur a large credit card debt, but only 29 percent said they would pay off their credit cards each month -- probably because the amount is too great to zero those cards out every 30 days.
The poll outlines ways people will curb spending -- from plunking down less for entertainment to taking more practical vacations to sticking to a budget. But still, none of those goals got a nod from more than half the survey takers.
Here's the kicker from Drenik: "Marketers will need to understand that this 'new' consumer is one that focuses on needs over wants, purchase price and an increased level of personal savings."
Do you feel like a 'new" consumer yet?

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