Monday, March 16, 2009

A tag post script

Concerning why the rollout of a nutritional tag program to some United Supermarkets and not others (see this morning's post), the answer from spokesman Eddie Owens is simple.
"We had to start somewhere," he said.
The chain started with its "specialty" stores, which include the Market Street brand and some stores that are a hybrid of Market Street offerings and regular United stores.
That's why the Amarillo Market Street and the United at Southwest 45th Avenue and Bell Street got the nutrition tagging first.
"Now that the program is fully automated -- we originally had to do all the labeling by hand, and you can imagine what a nightmare that was -- we intend to roll it out, chainwide, as quickly as possible," Owens said.
"But that will take a considerable amount of time, still, due to the changeout of pricetags."


amarillomidwife said...

I'm glad that you posed the question about why the nutritional tags were only being used at the Geogia and 45th United locations. I am a pretty loyal United shopper (not there are many more options in Amarillo, but I digress...), and I normally shop at the Market Street location and at the Gem Lake Road location. Last week, however, I was across town at a friend's house and stopped at the United on River Road to pick up a few things. I was absolutely shocked at how small (both physically and selection-wise) their produce department was. I guess that they probably just stock what sells, which makes perfect business sense, but it got me thinking. Do the people in the more economically disadvantaged parts of town not have the right to a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that people who live in the more affluent sections of Amarillo have? Do they not have the right to use the valuable information on these new nutritional tags to make healthier choices?

I hope that United follows through (and quickly) with their promise to put these tags in every store. And while they are at it, maybe it would be a good idea to take some of those great health demonstrations that they put on at Market Street out to the stores on River Road and Amarillo Blvd.

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